Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014

Mit vielen Beispielen der Reisefundgrube: How non-writers can craft better travel reports for tourism marketing

Travel reports are a great way for smaller travel businesses to stand out and claim uniqueness. Why? Other than so many packages, deals, beaches and hotels that are more ore less interchangeable (and, what's more, sold by so many travel agencies!) - an individual tour is unique, as unique as the respective travelers. More on LinkedIn: better travel reports for tourism marketing
Indeed, travel reports are a powerful tool in tourism marketing. Yet marketers often feel overchallenged when it comes to publishing serious, longform articles. They think they are not good enough in writing, they do not want to compete with accomplished "writers" nor to be blamed and laughed at for articles that suck. In short, they perceive themselves as "non-writers".